Community Engagement and the Te Anau Hub

The next stage of the project, as we head into 2023, is really important.  We would like as much feedback as possible from you on all aspects of the Master Plan.  Community involvement, along with stakeholder and visitor input, is vital in nailing the detail needed to support the Plan. This involvement is a fundamental principle of the project.  

One of the first steps of the Community Engagement Team has been to set up the new Milford Opportunities Hub in Te Anau. 

The Hub gives locals, stakeholders and visitors a place to call in to meet and talk with the team. 

We also plan to set up Advisory Groups, based out of the Hub, so that industry and subject-matter experts can help inform the design of the on-going project. Advisory group opportunities will be advertised in the New Year.

Community Engagement and the Te Anau Hub