We mentioned in our last newsletter that there would be opportunities for you join an Engagement Group. We are not quite ready to set these up yet but you can indicate your interest in being part of these once the format has been decided on.

Engagement Groups, once established, will play an active role in considering the Master Plan’s proposals. They will offer suggestions as to how the proposals of the Master Plan can be implemented.

Some of the proposals in the Master Plan include:  a park and ride facility to help reduce traffic congestion; a network of cycleways and walking tracks to broaden the range of opportunities to experience the Milford road corridor; and an infrastructure programme to improve facilities like toilets and shelters. Already we have had great engagement on the routes of some of the walking tracks proposed in the Plan.

You can indicate your interest in being part of an Engagement Group by:

Going to the website and registering > Click on  ‘Get Involved’ in the menu bar.

Visiting the Hub in Te Anau to register your interest in person>

Or emailing us directly > Enter ‘ Engagement Group’ in the subject line.

Keep an eye on your inbox for our next newsletter/update, due out mid March