2 March 2023

Engaging on the Masterplan – huts and tracks

The Milford Opportunities Unit facilitated the first of many engagement sessions to be held over the coming year looking at the recommendations of the Milford Opportunities Masterplan.

The first session was in relation to tracks and huts. The purpose of the session was to review and start feasibility testing each of the proposed tracks outlined in the Masterplan.  On the night, the team and stakeholders discussed what had been proposed and received invaluable feedback from those who were able to attend in person, or via the web link. The feedback from this session is currently being consolidated and will be sent out to stakeholders to ensure that the essence of the discussion was captured.

View the Masterplan’s recommendations regarding tracks and huts online by visiting: Home – Milford Opportunities

This session was for key recreation stakeholders and experts but if you are interested in feeding into this work we’d love to hear from you. Contact us – Milford Opportunities

Engaging on the Masterplan – huts and tracks