Milford Opportunities Project Newsletter Dec 2022

December 2022


Kia ora from the Milford Opportunities Project Team!

We have had a great response from our last newsletter. Thank you so much for your interest in the Milford Opportunities Project. Love the feedback, the comments and suggestions.

The project is an exciting development for Milford and promises much for the region.

As 2022 winds down, we wanted to give you a brief update on the project and let you know what’s coming up in 2023!


Kia ora from the Milford Opportunities Project Team!

Establishing the team 

We have been recruiting a team to deliver the next phase of the project and the final members will join us early in the new year.

At this point, we will be getting your feedback on the concepts outlined in the Master Plan to help clarify some key directions in 2023.


Building a work programme

The work programme is also starting to take shape and progress has already been made in the key work areas of community engagement, transport and infrastructure, policy and legislation and commercial activity.

We outline these on the following pages.


Community Engagement and the Te Anau Hub

The next stage of the project, as we head into 2023, is really important.  We would like as much feedback as possible from you on all aspects of the Master Plan.  Community involvement, along with stakeholder and visitor input, is vital in nailing the detail needed to support the Plan. This involvement is a fundamental principle of the project.  

One of the first steps of the Community Engagement Team has been to set up the new Milford Opportunities Hub in Te Anau. 

The Hub gives locals, stakeholders and visitors a place to call in to meet and talk with the team. 

We also plan to set up Advisory Groups, based out of the Hub, so that industry and subject-matter experts can help inform the design of the on-going project. Advisory group opportunities will be advertised in the New Year.


Catching up with the community

Last week, we caught up with some of the residents of Piopiotahi Milford Sound to hear their views on the Master Plan.  Those present had some really useful insights and views on changes and possible additions to the plan.

Next year, our community engagement team will be more regular with keeping you informed via newsletters and project updates. We will also be refreshing the website where you can find all the information you need, all of the time!

New positions Advertised for the Milford Opportunities Project.

We are advertising several roles to support the project. If you have a back ground in communications, community engagement or tourism, we would love to heave from you. Jump onto the DOC Careers Page for details.


Transport and Infrastructure update

The Transport and Infrastructure team has been working to identify the questions that need to be answered in order to test the feasibility of the transport and infrastructure components of the Master Plan. We are planning to put some of the first infrastructure and transport projects out for tender early next year.

Of course, there is a whole range of projects to be considered over the next 12-15 months. These include various engineering projects, resource assessments, permitting and access technology, transport systems, hazard assessments and architecture.

So you can see, there will be much to do and plan for and your input, suggestions and comments will be essential.


Policy and Legislation team

The focus for the last two months has been to establish a Policy and Legislation team. At the same time, we have been working with the Milford Opportunities Board and Government Ministers to confirm the legal requirements our policies need to meet.  

Our focus is now on scoping and identifying these legal requirements along with key policy issues that will need to be considered. 

Broadly speaking, the main issues to be addressed include, access management, concessions and a new governance model.

We plan to bring you an update on policy development in 2023.


Commercial Activity

The commercial team are working on designing a commercial strategy which will include an approach to concessions and funding. The team are looking to investigate potential revenue streams, including how international tourists are catered for and how they can contribute to a stunning Milford experience for everyone. 

The next few months will be focussed on developing this commercial strategy. Part of this development will require an understanding of indicative numbers of visitors, as this will give some idea of potential revenue and allow us to build in liabilities and costs.

Commercial Activity

It’s Christmas time and summer holidays are upon us!

This is the time to enjoy family and friends. If you are lucky enough to be having a break sometime over summer, sit back and relax! Refresh and replenish yourself, be adventurous and make the most of all the opportunities Milford affords you!

The Milford Opportunities Project Team.

It’s Christmas time and summer holidays are upon us!