Hub opening hours from 3 January 2024

Milford Opportunities Project hubMilford Opportunities Project Hub summer 2024 opening hours (from 3 January):

  • Monday to Friday (except Thursdays) – 10am to 3pm
  • Thursday – 3pm to 7pm

During these hours, feel free to come in and catch up on the project, ask questions and provide feedback.

For other ways to get in touch or provide feedback visit:



Welcome Snehal

Snehal Patil has joined the Milford Opportunities Project filling the front desk role as we open the Te Anau hub doors for community drop-ins over summer.

With a deep love for nature and a commitment to preserving this breathtaking landscape, Snehal brings a wealth of experience in customer service, client relationship management, key accounts management, and social media marketing. Snehal is also working to raise awareness of the project and maintain project’s profile online and within her local community.

Snehal is happy to answer questions, take your feedback or direct you to the right member of our team for more in-depth information.