Milford Opportunities is online

The Milford Opportunities Project now has a website which has gone live today.

The website contains information about the project, summaries of previous engagement, the project’s terms of reference, information on the governance group and a contact us page where people can send questions or comments.

Project working group leader Simon Moran said the website will be frequently updated as the project develops this year and will also be home to the masterplan when it is created.

The timeframe for that completion is April 2021.

Alongside the website, a Facebook page and Instagram site have been launched as well.

“The goal of the website and associated social media is to not only inform people about the project, but also encourage people to be involved. We want to hear what people think and we will be asking questions through these sites to find out,” Mr Moran said.

“This year is going to be busy for Milford Opportunities and we want people to know what is going on.”

Check the sites out at




Milford Opportunities is online