Upcoming engagement sessions

Our engagement programme is now underway as we look to test the Masterplan’s recommendations.

We have a series of engagement sessions planned for the coming months including three in the first week of May:

  • Fiordland Business Association 2 May
  • Deepwater Basin Stakeholder Engagement Session 3 May
  • Milford Road Corridor Stakeholder Session 4 May

These sessions will take place at the Te Anau hub, with an option to join remotely via Teams.

While many of these are for specific groups and stakeholders, we welcome anyone who’s interested, to come along to one of the community sessions (next ones are 23 May and 21 June). We also welcome opportunities to present to any groups who want to hear from us and provide feedback.

Get in touch by emailing froberts@milfordopportunities.nz

Upcoming engagement sessions