Workstream updates

Policy & Legislation

Silke Radde and Jess Henderson

This workstream is focused on understanding the policy and legislative implications arising for the Milford Opportunities Masterplan recommendations. 

This includes understanding what the existing legal frameworks enable; the implications of the proposals on people’s rights, and interests, and on conservation values; and what alternative policy options may support the masterplan’s objectives. 

Our feasibility testing work last year confirmed that several proposals in the masterplan, such as managing road access and charging international visitors for access, will require legislative change. Legislative changes are decisions for Cabinet and Parliament. 

We are continuing to undertake detailed feasibility testing across key policy issues including managing access, charging international visitors for access, commercial activity, cruise ships and the aerodrome.  

The business case will provide a range of options for decision makers and so we are developing and testing a range of policy options for ministers’ consideration.  

For example, there are options to ease road congestion, improve safety, and enhance the visitor experience that may not require a permit and public transport system to manage access.  

As the core policy elements of the range of options are well understood, we will be undertaking targeted engagement with community, conservation, tourism and recreation stakeholders.  


Workstream updates