Engagement update

Engagement & Communications Lead Phil Tisch

In the last update we mentioned we were in the process of setting up one-on-one engagements to test our thinking with operators and subject matter experts. These sessions are well underway and have been really informative. So far, we have talked to a range of small, medium and large tourism operators, regional and national tourism organisations, recreational groups, conservation interests and community.

We continue to be humbled by people’s generosity with their time and knowledge in these engagement sessions. They are so vital to us providing the best advice to ministers that we can and ensuring options are well-aligned with your needs and expectations for Piopiotahi Milford Sound.

Discussions have focussed on how to manage access using a range of different tools. At one end of the spectrum, proposed methods would encourage visitors to make different transport choices, while at the other, many visitors would be required to take particular transport options. In general, there is good support for greater use of coaches and buses on the road by day visitors.

In addition to advice on managed access, we are also receiving suggestions on how the levy should be applied, and ideas for improving oversight, governance and management.

Given the nature of these conversations and to maintain anonymity, individual business or stakeholder views are being treated as confidential.

However, we welcome all feedback and will hold the following drop-in sessions where anyone can book time to come into the hub or join an online meeting with us:

Te Anau drop in dates:

Come and see us any time between 3-6 pm on Tuesday 30 April and Wednesday 22 May at the Te Anau Project Hub 26 Town Centre.

You can just show up or phone or email ahead: Phil Tisch, 027 660 2518, ptisch@milfordopportunities.nz.

Piopiotahi Milford Sound community updates

Thanks to all those who attended our last Piopiotahi Milford Sound community update at the Southern Discoveries Café on 9 April. It was a full-on day for Piopiotahi residents at the beginning of some significant weather for the region, so we really appreciate the effort to come listen and share your thoughts. I’ll include a summary of what you told us in the next newsletter.

We will be back in Milford Sound to provide you with another update on Wednesday 22 May 5pm.