We are currently working through our engagement programme.

The programme is designed to support Stage Three, Phase One – feasibility testing the masterplan’s recommendations, by connecting with groups, individuals, and experts both locally and nationally. The purpose is not to relitigate the masterplan, but to ensure we are well informed when looking into the detail and logistics of how we might operationalise each recommendation.

Since setting up the project hub in January 2023, 382 people have attended engagement sessions amounting to over 18 hours.

These are either targeted at specific groups (such as the Fiordland Business Association or Fiordland Marine Guardians) or topics (such as the Milford Road corridor, Deepwater Basin, tracks and huts).

People we’ve engaged with represent Te Anau residents, businesses, conservation and recreation groups, tourism operators, organisations and emergency services.

There are a further 156 people that have either dropped into the Milford Opportunities Project Hub in Te Anau or have had one on one engagement with a team member.

We reach around 500 inboxes with this newsletter. Please continue to share Milford Opportunities Facebook and newsletter details with those who are interested as these are the best ways to stay across what’s happening.

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to contribute to this work.